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Call Center Resources & Insight

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Why We Fall Short When it Comes to IT Security
This article first appeared in HDI.  It seems like we have been hearing about security breaches resulting in the loss of thousands of peoples’ personal identifying information and ransomware attacks for years,... Read More

What War Games Taught Me About AI and Chatbots
The pandemic has pushed many of us to up our TV-watching game, and for me that means revisiting old movies. Recently, my channel-surfing led me to War Games, a 1983 classic starring... Read More

How AI Can Enhance Contact Center Customer Care
If you are unsure about the impact of AI in the contact center landscape, just take into consideration that by as early as next year, AI-enabled conversational agents are expected to handle... Read More

The Demise of the Contact Center Has Been Greatly Exaggerated
Every few years, a new customer service channel arrives on the scene with claims that an emerging technology will be the main service channel and the future of customer service. We've heard... Read More

The Future of Customer Care is Voice Activated
While there can be no one-size-fits-all solution to communication problems, there is a way for your organization to make communication faster and more efficient through the implementation of intelligently designed voice technology.... Read More

How to Develop A Successful Customer Service Bot Strategy - Part 2
This article first appeared on HDI In the first part of this guide on how to implement customer service bots within an omnichannel experience, we discussed how to set parameters for what... Read More

How to Develop A Successful Customer Service Bot Strategy - Part 1
This article first appeared on HDI. I recently learned a great deal about chatbots and the effort it takes to create a “conversation-like” interface that can successfully support customers. An adoption strategy... Read More

AI, Racism, and Bias: The Impact on Employees and CX
This article first appeared in no jitter. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is no longer just a buzz word being discussed in theory – we’ve reached a point where AI is delivering real, measurable... Read More

How Technology Tools Can Help a Contact Center Team Avoid Burnout
It’s no secret that customer support employees have demanding and often stressful jobs. This was true before our current crisis, but the heightened expectations surrounding these roles has exacerbated agent burnout. Burnout... Read More

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