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Call Center Resources & Insight

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6 Ways to Make a Contact Center Quality Management Program Sustainable
The first part of our discussion of how to get agent buy-in for Quality Management (QM) programs included tips for how to design an agent-centric QM program. Here, we discuss how to... Read More

Wise Counsel: Helping Employees Overcome Personal Challenges | #ICMIchat Rundown (July 7, 2020)
This year has proven stressful on all fronts, and it's only natural that our employees are feeling the pressure both at home and at work. In an ideal world, problems at work... Read More

Stay Connected With Your International Call Center Workforce
When I managed an international team, my stateside team grew frustrated that the overseas support team did not seem to work a structured 8am-5pm schedule. At times, it was hard to know... Read More

Declaring Independence: Empowering Agent Autonomy | #ICMIchat Rundown (June 30, 2020)
At one time or another, we've all been mistreated by companies who stand firmly by policies that weren't appropriate for the circumstances. Many customer service professionals have experienced internal conflict between doing... Read More

How to Make Creative Scheduling Work at Your Contact Center
If you have been in the world of contact centers long enough, you probably have heard the term schedule flexibility or creative scheduling. These terms might make most schedulers or workforce managers... Read More

Sharing Small Wins in Lean Management at a Contact Center
Sometimes, little changes can make a big difference when you’re implementing lean management, or the process of improving workflow to meet customer demands. I studied lean management several years ago; back then... Read More

Support Remote Agents with Empathy and Data
The last few months have been a blur to me. And it’s a pretty safe bet that you, your agents, and your customers feel the same way. For contact centers, one of... Read More

The Value of Creating a Good-Comes-First Work-Culture
The pandemic has slowed the economy significantly in the past three months. Your organization may be operating for months to come with some people in the center and some people working from... Read More

Tips on How to Lead, Coach, and Train Your Remote Team
Over the past few months, most of us have had to figure out how to adapt to a remote work environment. Managers were faced with unique barriers to how things were usually... Read More

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