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Survey Says: It's Time to Reimagine Quality Management!
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Opinion: Contact Center Metrics to Embrace and Others to Take with a Grain of Salt
Metrics, like a ton of bricks, weigh on the contact center brain. During a recent #ICMIChat, we talked about scoreless QA and other numberless processes to evaluate agent performance. Having spent many... Read More

Are You Using 1999 Metrics to Measure 2019 Customer Care?
It’s 2019, which means contact center metrics from 1999 are almost old enough for their first legal beer (and already knocking them back in Canada.) Those metrics were born in an era... Read More

The Trifecta in Call Center Metrics
Contact center operations are growing in complexity. And, that’s an understatement. Center leaders are under constant pressure to increase efficiency while preserving or improving customer experience. On top of that, you must... Read More

Quality, Productivity, and Striking the Right Balance
When I say “metrics” what’s the first thing that comes to mind? If your answer is spreadsheets and dashboards packed with tons and tons of analytics, you’re probably not alone. And while... Read More

Critical to Quality Social Media Metrics
When ICMI asked me to write a blog post about customer service metrics for social media, I was excited about the chance to discuss much of what I learned over the last... Read More

Increase Quality and Efficiency by Leveraging Metrics
Every day you walk into your contact center, and you ask your managers and agents to walk a tightrope.  What's that you say? You don't recall installing a tightrope in your contact... Read More

The Metrics of Contact Center Productivity
Leveraging KPIs for Improved Efficiency! Cost per contact is the most important measure of efficiency in the contact center. It is an easily derived metric that tells you how much you are... Read More

Metrics Uncover and Track the Value of Chatbots within Customer Service
Chatbots are increasingly playing a role in customer service strategy.  Their personalization and automation of some issues allow human agents more time to focus on the unique, difficult ones that they handle... Read More

Listening and Learning: What's in a Resolution?
Have you ever sat with your contact center’s leadership team and asked yourself this question? What does resolution actually mean? Whether it’s the New Year like it is now, and you’re resolving... Read More

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