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Skills Employees Need to Work from Home
   No commute, no dress code, and plenty of flexibility. Working from home sounds easy, right? Not so fast! While remote work has its perks, it also requires a unique skill set... Read More

The People and Skills Needed For Your Contact Center: #ICMIchat Rundown
  This week, Roy Atkinson led the #ICMIchat discussion about how contact center leaders find the right agents to join their team, and the skills agents need to be successful. Join us... Read More

6 Tips to Make the Most of Agent Downtime in a Contact Center
   Contact center managers can use workforce engagement and optimization tools to measure Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) like total calls, calls in queue, wait times, hold times, average talk times, net promoter... Read More

How to Make Agent Experience More than Just a Buzzword
  Multichannel, omnichannel, social, video, mobile, gamification, A.I - the parade of contact center buzzwords tends to serve as a yearbook of time spent in the industry. Some spark nostalgia, others regret,... Read More

Contact Center Coaching Catastrophes: #ICMIchat Rundown
  Our vibrant community of contact center professionals convened on March 3, 2020 to discuss one of a leader's most important roles: coaching. Our experienced practitioners shared many fabulous ideas for coaching... Read More

20 Productivity Hacks for Contact Center Leaders
  Time is a precious resource, and contact center leaders have a lot on their plates. Between monitoring the queues, coaching team members, and more, there’s only so much time to complete... Read More

Cultivating Happiness in the Workplace: #ICMIchat
  On February 25, contact center and customer experience professionals converged in #ICMIchat to discuss what it takes to cultivate workplace happiness. Roy Atkinson led the discussion, which was inspired by a... Read More

Contact Center Agents: From Heroes to Superheroes
  They’re on the front lines every day, charged with managing (sometimes angry) customers, solving complex problems, and juggling multiple systems. They’re asked to be brand ambassadors, responsible for building long-term loyalty... Read More

Three Fun Ways to Help Your Contact Center Workforce Understand The Importance of Schedule Adherence
   As workforce management professionals, we all know the difference that just one agent can make in our net staffing, and that’s true no matter how large our organization may be. Unfortunately,... Read More

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