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The 8 Forms of Wasted Effort in a Contact Center
  Contact center leaders, it's time to get out those scissors and cut non-value-added activities to drive continuous improvement. If you can eliminate waste, you will ensure that only value-added work remains,... Read More

When the Plans Don't Fit the Situation: #ICMIchat Rundown (March 24, 2020)
We live in interesting times, but luckily it's business as usual for #ICMIchat. On March 24, Roy Atkinson and our community of contact center and customer experience experts reunited to explore how... Read More

The Emergency Response Team of Your Business - What You Need to Know
A robust business continuity plan can take months, even years, to construct. If your business already has an emergency and continuity plan, you should familiarize yourself with it and become an active... Read More

How to Plan to Prepare Your Contact Center for Disaster-Related Disruption
  With the possible disruptive effects of the coronavirus at the forefront of our minds, many contact center communities are reviewing their disaster readiness preparation. To help with that conversation, we have... Read More

13 More Fearless Predictions for the Future of Contact Centers
  All this winter, we are asking our featured contributors to offer their near-term predictions of the future of contact center-industry customer service. Here is what four of our contributors predicted:  Murphy... Read More

The Future of Contact Centers, as Shaped by Current Trends
  On January 22, ICMI Service Management and Support Industry Analyst Roy Atkinson hosted a webinar entitled “2020 Vision: Contact Center Trends to Watch.” The event was sponsored by Serenova. During the... Read More

Your Budget is a Discussion. Get to the Point!
  George, the barber in the little town I grew up, was a gifted storyteller, and it was entertaining to listen to George elaborate in great detail about his endeavors. However, he... Read More

Put Us Out of Our Misery: The End of Customer Service Email?
Predicting the death of email may seem risky for a consultant who helps frontline customer service agents improve their writing skills, but I’m here and I’m doing it. Throughout the 2000s and... Read More

Coming Soon in the 2020s: Increased Workplace Flexibility
During the last decade, contact centers have begun to embrace increased workplace flexibility, allowing employees to work remotely. With technology continuing to improve, mixed with more companies going global, there’s been a... Read More

Building on a Strong Foundation: The Contact Center Through 2025
While much of the 2010s were focused on big data, customer experience, omnichannel, cloud services, AI, and digital strategy in the contact center space, the opportunities to come involve building on the... Read More

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