4 Keys to Improving Agent Satisfaction

Date Aired: August 21, 2019
Time: 2 pm ET
Presenters: Chris Hanna , Gayathri “G3” Krishnamurthy
Moderators: Fancy Mills

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Join us on Wednesday, August 21, to learn the 4 keys to improving agent satisfaction!

Customer satisfaction has long been a top priority for the contact center, but in today’s competitive job market, agent satisfaction is a growing concern for leaders. In a traditionally high-stress, high-turnover industry, every leader wants to know the secret to agent happiness. There’s no magic bullet, but based on brand new ICMI research, we’ve identified four keys to improving the employee experience in the contact center. What do the most engaged employees have in common, what are the top drivers of dissatisfaction, and how might this new insight help your team improve morale and performance, all while boosting CSAT? Join us on August 21 for an eye-opening discussion!

During this webinar, you will learn:

  • What the most satisfied contact center agents have in common
  • What new ICMI research reveals about top drivers of agent dissatisfaction
  • How you can better align your people, processes, strategy, and technology to improve both the employee and customer experience

Join us for an interactive and informative hour, filled with practical tips, and complete with live audience Q&A. 

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Chris Hanna
Chris Hanna
Founder & Management Coach, Evolving Management

Chris Hanna was a 2018 ICMI Mover & Shaker in the category of Workforce Manager. Chris Hanna was a 2018 ICMI Mover & Shaker in the category of Workforce Manager. In 2019, he joined ICMI's Featured Contributor panel providing resources for the contact center community. In October, Chris will also be speaking at ICMI Connections in Chicago. Throughout his career, Chris has built and led teams that support the customer experience, across a variety of different industries. Chris is also the Founder of Evolving Management, where he provides resources to help leaders and organizations evolve their effectiveness to thrive, leaping to new levels of success. He’s passionate about developing high-potential talent and sharing ways to drive continuous improvement to enhance both the employee and customer experience too. Connect with Chris on LinkedIn and Twitter or email

Gayathri “G3” Krishnamurthy
Gayathri “G3” Krishnamurthy
Product Marketing Director, NICE inContact
Gayathri (G3) has led Global Product Marketing and Product Management for several years leading B2B SaaS companies. She has built and launched customer service products in 3 different flavors – CRM, pure play customer service and contact center software. Through these experiences, she brings both deep and wide perspectives for delivering enhanced customer experience.

Fancy Mills
Fancy Mills
Group Training and Content Director, HDI & ICMI

Fancy Mills has 20 years of experience specializing in training, consulting, recruiting, and workforce management.

Fancy's experience is focused in the technical support and contact center industries. As a Certified Workforce Manager, she has assisted companies in developing staffing and workforce management best practices and standard operating procedures. As a corporate trainer since 2000, she has certified thousands of support professionals, managers, directors, and corporate trainers around the world in virtual and classroom environments. In addition to training, she has developed and facilitated customized curriculum and training for Fortune 500 companies in the areas of process improvement, quality management, customer service, presentation, communication, and time management skills. Fancy has also served as a session speaker for various industry conferences and events such as Fusion, HDI, and ATD, and was also a speaker for the 2016 TEDx TAMU, speaking on The XYZ Strategies for Succeeding in a Multi-Generational World.

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Topics: Best Practices, Agent, Culture And Engagement